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Expanding hearts and minds through education.

Upcoming Events


April 21 2023  |  Virtual or Face to Face 

Introduction to Responsive Classroom Workshop

May 19-20 2023  |  University of Houston

2023 Education Explosion Conference 

June 8, 2023 Face-to-Face | June 9, 2023 Virtual

Practical Management and Discipline: Techniques for Handling Tough, Challenging Students

June 23, 2023 Face-to-Face | June 24, 2023 Virtual

Fostering Positive Behavior of Students Who Want Attention, Are Manipulative, and Present Difficulties

July 6, 2023 Face-to-Face | July 7, 2023 Virtual   

Effective Behavior Management Techniques for Inclusive Classes
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From Our Workshops

Dr. Hope Luster - Calhoun Featured in Voyage Houston Magazine

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