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Wonderopolis® - a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Our Wonders of the Day® are fun questions that provide learning opportunities for everyday life - ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs. Visit and its popular offshoot,

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Learn to Earn Toolkit – The toolkit is designed for adults who want to increase their employability skills. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced English language learners and beginning and intermediate adult basic education students. Articles for learners to explore ten skill areas (the top ten identified by employers) are available at two levels. Earn badges as you pass quizzes for each article. Instructors can view student progress with an instructor account. Go to


National Literacy Directory (NLD) – The NLD is the most comprehensive listing service designed to help individuals find local literacy and education programs and GED* testing centers in their areas. Launched with funding from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, NLD contains over 6,500 educational agencies located across the United States. Go to

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Cultivating Readers - This parent-friendly magazine provides effective and easy strategies to promote reading throughout a child's early years. The magazine is available in English and Spanish and includes a monthly calendar of activities to do with your child. Download a free copy at

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Parent Guide for Reading Standards - Standards, standards, standards! You’ve heard of them, but what are they? What do you need to know about them? With this resource you will learn ways you can connect with teachers and tips to help your child meet the standards at home. Go to


Healthy Family Habits – This set of resources and interactives was developed to help families establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. For families, there are online resources and real-world ways to practice healthy habits in their homes. For schools, literacy programs, and community-based organizations, there are step-by-step guides and downloadable resources for hosting four integrational events. All resources are available in English and Spanish. Access the complete collection at

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Renegade Buggies – Race your way to smart spending habits in this dynamic endless runner game with financial literacy at its core. Grab items from your shopping list and collect coins and coupons every chance you get. But beware of obstacles, because they’re all around you! After crossing the finish line, check out, making sure to choose the item with the best bang for its buck. Choose carefully, because the goal is to save as much money as you can. Go to


30 Days of Families Learning Together – NCFL’s guide provides a month’s worth of family literacy activities and practices designed to inspire family memories rooted in imagining, playing, and learning together.

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Volunteer Toolkit: Preparing Volunteers to More Effectively Help Children Learn to Read - Classroom volunteers can use the modules of this toolkit to learn key strategies to help children improve their reading. Go to



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